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Welcome to Crawford Podiatry & Aesthetics

Yes, there is such a thing as Aesthetics in Podiatry!

Yes, you can have your feet taken care of by an Aesthetic Podiatrist!

At Crawford Podiatry & Aesthetics we offer services from foot facials to fungus laser treatments that will keep your feet healthy, happy and beautiful. Combine services for an extended stay or “pop-in” for a quick pedicure and check up, we’ll take care of laser treatments for your toenails, skin treatments for warts, spider veins, hair and more. We offer a host of services geared specifically to the health and happiness of your feet.

You no longer need to feel embarrassed and hide your feet. Have Dr. Crawford whip them into shape so you can wear those cute sandals you’ve been eying and show off your beautiful new healthy feet.


Make your appointment and come in for a transforming foot service. Dr. Crawford is here for you.